Women Empowerment Scholarship – 2022

Women Empowerment Scholarship – 2022

Alexa Business Academy offers you all a valuable Women Empowerment scheme to support the education of all Sri Lankan women during this difficult economic time.

Education is very important for professional life just like a personal life.

Under this Women Empowerment programme, each course provided is designed to suit anyone without age or even industry limitations.

Alexa Business Academy is providing free 15+ courses under this programme belonging to popular skill categories such as Yoga and Meditation, Cake Making, Mehendi, Hair Dressing, Bridal Dressing, Beauty Culture, Fashion Designing, Tailoring, Teacher Training and Child Psychology, Spoken English, Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Video Editing, Graphic Designing, and photography.

We are sure that our course content and methods of delivery are highly effective for everyone’s personal development and professional skills development.

For the women of our country who are facing many crises continuously for the past 2 years, Alexa Business Academy is providing an exclusive educational programme to help.

Individuals through educational skills essential to personal and professional life.

Providing improvement is the neat and comprehensive objective of this Citizenship Project.

  1. Yoga and Meditation

There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change. Let’s collaborate with Alexa for a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. The change you need in life is in yoga and meditation.

2. Cake making

Are you delighted to treat your friends and family members with a cake or are you planning to be a professional? Don’t worry you are on the right platform. Through this course, you will be guided to make the cake in your own style. These steps are made even easier for you by ensuring you understand the process step by step. at last, the only thing you should do is savour your own cake.

3. Mehendi

Happiness is looking at dark henna-stained hands, are you one of those? Colour up every occasion with the spiritual skill of applying Mehendi with the own variety of designs that exist today. Getting to know is form the basis of us.

4, Hairdressing

The professional of makes others look gorgeous and fair is called a hairstylist. Are you looking to be one of them? Yes, you can. We enhance you to improve your skills by learning from the top-notch guides in Sri Lanka learn free hairdressing methods and get your own inspiration through Alexa and be a professional hairdresser in the future.

5. Bridal Designing

A wedding is a crucial part of everyone’s life. Both bride and bridegroom are the major souls on that day. Make the look gorgeous with your special expertness a talent. Make your own path through us and be the one to succeed in the profession. We provide our students with a comprehensive and up-to-date course syllabus. Access to the latest tools, in clean and modern training.

6. Beauty Culture

Make offers a fairy tale queen through the skills of beauty culture. We provide you with knowledge in many areas of personal care and beauty therapy such as facials, manicures, pedicures, haircutting, and styles to enhance beauty. Our only goal is to make you a confident individual having a quality education in basic and advanced beauty culture.

7. Fashion Designing

We are introducing the fashion course by setting standards for fashion education in the country in new career pathways for the young generations. We provide the latest trend and sparks in the fashion design foundation courses. This will help you to expertise and gain educational and artistic development.

8. Tailoring

Tailors are responsible for constructing, altering, repairing, or modifying garments for customers based on their satisfaction s needs, and preferences. To be a successful tailor in the town you should be detailed oriented and knowledgeable of clothing designs and construction. For learning the above course, you do not need any prior knowledge or experience in sewing. Beginners who have never wen or used a sewing machine can also enrol in any of these courses.

9. Teacher Training and Childs Psychology

Are you fond of children? And do you wish to be on a career path as a teacher? Teaching is one of the noblest professions anyone can opt for, teachers are often very dedicated and knowledgeable for the better education of children. If you too wish to be the one then your choice of Alexa is the best. We do provide psychology classes for childcare with teaching so that you can attain a variety of knowledge from Alexa for your future vocation. We will take you through the stages of a child’s development and can make you aware of the situation at the end of the course.

10. Spoken English

One language set you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every day along the way. As English is a commonly spoken language in the world, we do generate students through spoken English through Alexa. This course emphasizes the development of fluency and intelligibility in spoken English. Through individual and group activities, students work on improving pronunciation practising conversation strategies and delivering oral presentations. Don’t hesitate to show your talent in the English language through Alexa.

11. Information Technology

Do you wish to be a Tech Savy? Through this program, you can achieve your goal. You will be taught to design, operate or maintain technology products. Our goal is to provide and assure that all students can build and maintain updated and efficient computer systems. Even though you will be updated with the basic understanding and know the current technology for the future.

12. Digital Marketing

Learn the fundamental business strategies and industries-recognized methods in digital marketing through Alexa. Acknowledge the role of digital literacy and technology by leveraging cutting-edge tools and understanding marketing skills to navigate today’s digital landscape. the digital marketing program is ideal for students who want to pave their way for a successful career in today’s diverse and digital world.

13. Video editing

Are you addicted to VFX in cinematic movies? then be the one to create one on your own. The task is to receive the raw footage and produce the final product. This will be a great chance with diverse opportunities in today’s world. This course will provide you with a basic and advanced understanding of how to handle and edit videos. Be the one to create a difference in video editing.

14. Photography

Get ready to capture every wonderful moment in the world. Photography is all about creativity and ideas. This course will allow you to obtain basic ideas, methods, and an understanding of how the process should be handled. You will acquire the comprehension of what an individual may require to succeed in this path.

15. Graphic Design

Graphic design is an applied art and professional that uses text and graphics to communicate visually. his course combines creative abilities with expert ideas in computer technology. It also allows an individual to develop excellent communication skills in graphic designing and multimedia.

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